About the Site

This is a personal academic blog. On it you can expect discussions of history and museology, reviews, opinion pieces, and the occasional history-related musings.
None of the views expressed here are emblematic of any institution or employer with whom the author may be associated.

About the Author

currentphotoMaureen “Rini” Smith is a current Masters student at the University of Leicester School of Museum Studies. Upon graduating, she hopes to find a job doing curatorial, interpretation, and or collections work.

She has previously received a Bachelors of Art in European History from Boston University and a Masters of Science in Medieval History from the University of Edinburgh.

Her academic interests include gender and sexuality, cultural thanatology, folklore, ethics of the body, the late Middle Ages, American Revolutionary history, and polar exploration.

In her spare time, Rini enjoys competitive cycling, historic costuming, and playing video games.